Re: winweave

Judie Eatough

WinWeave is an excellent freeware program. If it prints for you -
great. It will depend on which printer and or windows version you have.
If it will not print, using Paint (which came with your Windows program)
and screen print will get you nice output. So the program is very useful
even using WindowsXP.

My bias is that I love computers -- and used them long before I learned
to weave. I am a consumer and not a seller. I do use several weaving
software programs. So for what it is worth -- some thoughts.

No one is getting rich from weaving software -- the market is so small.
The hours that it takes to get a program running are in the thousands.
The programs are not done as a good way to make money in your spare
time. I am impressed that there are so many good programs out there.
And the single thing that impresses me the most is the Wif file. The
weaving software people got together and did a common file format. It
is wonderful!

I think you will know when you want to make the change from WinWeave to
a program with more bells and whistles. It is like going from a frame
loom to a floor loom.

As for something in between -- I doubt it. I have been campaigning for
a son to write a conversion utility to go from wif files back to
WinWeave files. That would be a nice utility that I could use with my
University students who want to design at home. While we have two full
featured programs in the weaving lab, they can not use them at home --
WinWeave, they could. So we will see, he likes little programming
challenges -- see WeaveConvert if
you are still using DOS versions of Fiberworks or Patternland. But he
also has a life. <gg>


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