Re: More Questions on a dobby loom

Elisa Eiger <elisa_eiger@...>

Judy wrote:
I have just changed my 8s 12 treadle loom for an 8s dobby one
(non computer activated [as yet]) and I am wondering
if I have made a mistake.
It's not a mistake in terms of limiting what you can weave; it might be a problem if you're short on bars for your dobby. The only difference, in my opinion, is taking the chain off the dobby, peg the bars, and put the chain back on the dobby vs. crawling under the loom, unfastening treadle tie-ups, and retying treadle tie ups.

When I got my 8-shaft dobby loom (now gone to a new owner), my friends with dobby looms thought that a dobby was overkill on a 8-shaft loom. I sort of agree with them now. Unless you're hopeless at keeping track of a treadling sequence or have issues with tying up treadles, a dobby doesn't give you much extra utility with 8 shafts. The big payoff comes when you have lots of shafts, and there's just not enough room for all the treadles you need. My own experience is that 12 shafts are still manageable on a non-dobby loom; I think 16 would be very difficult for all but the most adept weaver. Now that I think about it--do non-dobby 16-shaft looms even exist?


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