Re: More Questions on a dobby loom

William Koepp <bgkoe@...>

My first question is: Can I weave on a dobby anything I can weave on
a treadle loom?
2nd I am correct in assuming that the tie up in a normal draft is
simply translated to the peg plan?
Yes! Figure out which way will show the design blocks face up; it may be the peg or it may be the space, then peg the chain for the design and any tie sheds you need for that weave.

Bill what do you mean by "16 shaft manual dobby on a 12 shaft
loom" ? How can you do that?
I bought a used 16 peg dobby, put it on my 12 shaft loom, hooked the 12 shafts to the dobby, then hooked the selvedges to another peg that wasn't doing anything. The selvedge warps go through heddles which each have a 6 oz. fishing weight hooked to them; each heddle hangs on a cord which runs up to the castle top (one advantage of a high castle loom) to a pulley then goes to the dobby box. I can operate the selvedges with one peg or two, whichever I choose to do. It's nice for the 2 shuttle weaves as you don't have to pay any attention to the selvedge sequences as you weave.

The device you describe in the CW
Journal #76, is that just for that particular S&W draft or can it be
used at other times
Good question! I use it for S & W but any weave that needs a bar for a repeat shed used in every sequence of picks can use this lever instead and so eliminate one bar from the sequence, which in my case means a 25 percent reduction of the number of bars. If you never run short of bars then you really don't need this device.

- Bill & Gaye Koepp in California
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