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Following the positive reaction of Ruth Blau I can inform you that next year
in June we will have a very intersting exhibition with an ancient Chinese
brocadeloom in the Geldrop weaving museum. We will have a professor from the
Nanjing Brocade Institute giving demonstrations.
On this occasion we will organise a program containing other intersting
weaving sites and local sightseeing. Various Dutch weaving circles and
members of the international Damask Network will also be there, we expect.
So lots of reasons to visit us next year. For additional information please
contact Laura Diepenbroek l.diepenbroek@...


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> The velvet loom had the ground warp on the main warp beam, and the
> velvet pile warps on separately wound and weighted bobbins that sat in
> a horizontal spool rack to the rear of the loom. The velvet warp was
> brought up and through two glass rods

What a good description; I've looked at some old drawings of this setup
and now I can better grasp the process. Thank you.

Bill & Gaye Koepp in California

"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things,
but their inward significance."
- Aristotle

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