More Questions on a dobby loom

Judy Sheppard <jshepp@...>

Hi Everyone,

I have just been reading the thread on "Designing for a dobby loom"
with much interest as I have just changed my 8s 12 treadle loom for
an 8s dobby one (non computer activated [as yet]) and I am wondering
if I have made a mistake.

My first question is: Can I weave on a dobby anything I can weave on
a treadle loom?
2nd I am correct in assuming that the tie up in a normal draft is
simply translated to the peg plan?

Bill what do you mean by "16 shaft manual dobby on a 12 shaft
loom" ? How can you do that? The device you describe in the CW
Journal #76, is that just for that particular S&W draft or can it be
used at other times I'm sorry but I'm not technically minded. You
also said "I don't ever use the so called floating selvedge" Is that
just because you are using a dobby and if so why? I have floating
selvedges on a fine wool warp (33epi) at the moment and these are
the worst selvedges I have ever had, including when I was learning
weaving at college!

I guess even after all these years (approx 10) and 1 yr at college,
I still don't understand structure very well, I tend to just follow
a given draft. I have done various block weaves – overshot, S&W,
crackle, etc. I'm still not sure what you are saying Kerstin: "I
have made more mistakes than I want to remember when trying to peg
the correct number of picks for each block" I understand that a
block draft is "shorthand" for the whole draft. Is that all you are
referring to?

Thankyou for the best reference ever.
Cheers Judy
in Sth Victoria, Australia

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