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I'm Marian Stubenitsky from Holland. I'm a handweaver for over 34 years
and a teacher for 27 years. I like weaving most for the research, the
designing, the colors, the excitement when it becomes what I expected!
I've got a lot of looms, for teaching. I liked the countermarch my
father built for me best. Today, I prefer easier-to-tie looms, like
LeClerc (Nilus, 16 shafts) and my sweet little Magic Dobby (Louet,
Holland, 24 shafts). I do most of the designing with the computer. I use
a programme a dutch man made for his weaving mother, it's called Winweef
Now I'm preparing a lecture I was asked to give in april. The subject
is: 'Gewaagd, gelaagd', which means as much as hazardous or risky
stratified, in layers. Of course I'll make layers in double
(triple)-weave, pleats.... Various materials, settings, structures. For
the moment I'm a bit anxious....I'm short of heddles....there is not
much time and I've got so many ideas!!!
If there are ideas in this group, I'd like to hear them!


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