Re: overhead beaters....

Su Butler <apbutler@...>

The only advantage an underslung beater has is size; it's smaller. >It's
usually used to make the loom more portable or smaller in my
opinion, as there's no high castle.
I fully respect Bill's knowledge of different looms, but I must disagree
with the above......the underslung beater on some looms is a matter of
choice for the CM loom has an underslung beater which is
exactly the same size as the overhead beaters on this brand loom, and I love
it, but also a high castle and is not what I could call portable. The
castle houses the (what are they really called??) jacks from which the
shafts hang. I like the underslung beater because is does go to a resting
position so I do not have to push it aside to throw the shuttle, and I like
the weight of it....I hardly have to pull on it at all to get a good firm
I do believe underslung beaters are used on American made jack action
looms to help with the size issue.....those looms are more compact in total,
but on a Scandinavian style CM loom, I believe it a matter of taste.....

Su Butler :-)
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