Re: overhead beaters....

Bill Koepp <bgkoe@...>

What is it that you like about this type of beater?
Is it true that rugs are easier to beat with them?
In your picture it looks like the hanging beater is defying gravity.
I do like the overhead beater !
The only advantage an underslung beater has is size; it's smaller. It's
usually used to make the loom more portable or smaller in my opinion, as
there's no high castle.
To tune the overhead beater, you can move the pivot piece from the front of
the pivot bar to the rear or the reverse.The pivot piece can be wedge or
chisel shaped. You can also move a steel bar from the rear to the front;
all of these will change the hang angle of the beater. Usually the overhead
beater has a larger swing arc and returns to the start position by itself,
unlike most underslung beaters that have to be pushed back. I'd put a steel
bar on ANY beater, for rugs.
The last resort is adding an elastic cord to each sword ( side ) of the
beater. If your beater then rests too far for you to comfortably reach it,
just add a nice wooden handle to the front reed-cap or shell.

Happy Shuttling ! - Bill Koepp in Central California

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