Subject: Re: Back apron bar

KarenInTheWoods <pfundt@...>

I have a CM loom, I warp front to back, and I continue to have problems
tying on to the back apron bar.
I know there are many methods of tying on, and this is my favorite.

I position the back bar about halfway between the back beam and the heddles.
I take each bout of warp threads...... stroke and strum them till all
evenly tensioned, pull over back bar, split in half underneath and bring
each half up around from the sides. Tie in a *criss cross under* motion
like tying the first part of a shoe. Right over the top of the bout.

Then after I get all the bouts tied, I go back and forth tightening eash set
of ends them all across the warp, untill all are evenly tensioned, patting
the warp to check repeatedly for evenness. Then I give each bout another
*criss cross under* again and pull tight.

I have never had a warp slip yet. When cutting off the finished project,
these ends just fall off from the back side when the cut ends are slipped
through the knot. A little *wiggle* and they fall off.

Weavingly Yours,
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