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Is the Jacquard head similar to the shaft switcher (that Peter
and Jason Collingwood use)?
Not really. Peter's shaft switcher needs a human hand to select the pattern
blocks. A jacquard or a dobby ( manual or computer driven ) uses preselected
patterns, either pegs or cards or computer software to select the design.
The shaft switcher is a very easy device to use and quite low cost compared
to the others mentioned.
A shaft switcher uses doups to select pattern floats of the pattern color
weft; it usually takes several floats to make one squared block. A Summer &
Winter weave needs four picks to make one float, but a square block of
pattern may need six floats to complete it ( depending upon the weft used ),
so there's 24 picks.
See :
Rug Weaving Techniques, by Peter Collingwood ; ISBN 0-934026-62-9

The Techniques Of Rug Weaving, by Peter Collingwood ; ISBN 0-8230-5200-1

Happy Shuttling ! - Bill Koepp in Central California

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