Re: gathering info about studios

KarenInTheWoods <pfundt@...>

What is the size of your studio
Is it part of the house structure
If it is not part of the house structure -- what type of structure is
used for the studio?

Well, for now I spread myself around. One floor loom in the bedroom loft
overlooking livingroom, one table loom varies betwen camper trailer and a
bench in livingroom, and rug loom in lower level family room. Multiple
little loom throughout the house or on loan addicting new fiber-holics.
Fiber stash whereever I can hide it. Books parked on the seat of a rocking

BUT... the future plans are once the 18 year old moves out (she is
collecting furniture and appliances now .--hooray!) then I get the whole
lower level family room of our home as my studio, about 18x26 space, with
two huge double wide patio doors facing south, and a great view of the
river. Right now it is divided into two rooms with a temporary wall to make
her bedroom space. Got track lighting already in, and thinking of a whole
wall of cubby bins and shelves for goodies and stash. And a bookshelf for
the book collection.

Then thinking of a rack to display all the neat old shuttles I have
collected, and then a special spot for all weaving and spinning knickkancks
my mom keeps finding for me.

And finally.... have to aquire the Dream Loom.... about a 72"-100" AVL with
multiple fly shuttle boxes and one heck of an Xmas bonus to pay for it!

Weavingly Yours,
(try these links for weaving and family pics)

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