Re: Beam bearings....

Bill Koepp <bgkoe@...>

My problem now is, how to replenish the powder? Putting it in requires
pulling the frame open so the shoulders of the beams come out of the frame
A more permanent fix is to locate some thin Teflon sheet plastic. I found it
at a plastics supplier and cut a piece for each end of a clothbeam; the beam
had a wooden axle in a wooden socket. I secured the piece of Teflon with a
tack and now the beam rotates with far less friction.
A 60 inch wide beam could torque ( depending upon the diameter ), giving you
less tension on one side of the loom and the usual problems. In most cases
if you swapped sides, putting the brake on the opposide side of the loom
from the ratchet, it would probably eliminate that torquing.
The cracked wood hub is interesting, an experienced woodworker should be
able to repair and strengthen the hub with a laminated insert of hardwood.
I'd avoid : epoxy and/or silicones in repairs.

-- Happy Shuttling ! Bill Koepp in Central California

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