Re: jack looms

Bill Koepp <bgkoe@...>

I thought a jack loom was defined as being one with only a rising shed
OR only a falling shed........ .. The method used did not
come into the definition.
I agree, Jack doesn't define most low castle looms. It must have stuck when
looms were sold that had no upper castle ( Push-up loom just doesn't have
a ring to it ! ).
Counterbalance describes perfectly the balancing of one shaft with another
shaft and Countermarch describes one march ( lamm ) countering another
march, but Jack implies upper levers to me, pulling shafts up; oh well.
I like Peter's suggestion that the term Coupers be used for the upper levers
on a Countermarch, as I've seen that term used in very old weaving texts and
it can't be confused with any other loom part.

Happy Shuttling ! - Bill Koepp in Central California

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