Re: Countermarche loom choice

Bill Koepp <bgkoe@...>

One of the things to look for is the loom having vertical jacks. This
eliminates any loom cords from having to go through the middle of the warp.
The Vertical Upper Jack CM is also easily converted into a "reverse jack"
loom if desired. Both CM looms are great for sticky warp and shaft switching
I wonder how the Jack label became attached to the Coupers or Tumblers high
up on the castle and also the under-levers that push up the shafts on a "
Jack " loom ? It's confusing when two entirely different parts have the same
name. I think that the first Jack looms had upper levers to PULL up the
shafts, then when PUSH up shafts were introduced, the Jack name was used for
them too ?
I sure hope Janet Meany comes out with her book on loom history soon !

Happy Shuttling ! - Bill Koepp in Central California

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