Altar cloth

Judy Sheppard <jshepp@...>

tremont600 wrote:
check out 13313. I tweaked it a little and elongated the bottom
half so it looks more like a cross motif<<

Thanks for that, I will check that out after I finish here. I would
indeed be very interensted in seeing your draft, if you have the

I'd like to thank everyone who responded on and off list to my
questions. Sorry to have taken so long to get back but have had
family down this last week (Christmas/summer school hols here and
everyone likes a few days at the beach gg). I have finished the lace
weave and am just finishing up the overshot (both left over warps
from a RR for our state conference, to which I leant two looms) I am
thinking of checking out the sett and the washability of the
cotton/silk combo on a frame loom, I will still have to sample the
actual pattern on the floor loom, but do you suppose that sett etc
will be ok to sample on the frame loom?

Thanks again, I think there has been some interesting discussion on
this so I don't know why anyone would say we can't discuss
liturgical weaving here. Anyway I will be looking at several of your
suggestions. I just hope Weaving for Worship will arrive this week.

Thanks and Cheers,

Judy in southern Victoria, Australia

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