Re: Weaving Huck Lace

Anne Wells <arwells@...>

Traditionally, huck lace is woven with warp and weft the same weight, I
believe, just as Marty says. However, it *can* be woven with whatever you
feel like. You can put on a heavy cotton warp and weave with rags. You can
weave with weft threads that are larger or smaller than the warp. I've tried
this, using wefts both larger than the warp and smaller than the warp. The
end result depends on a lot of things, though. If you sett the warp closer,
then a smaller weft might look more balanced. If you sett the warp looser,
then a larger weft will look more balanced. Or, leave the warp sett as one
would normally set things up for lace, and weave away with whatever yarn you
wish and get unusual cloth. Maybe you are weaving a cotton warp with a linen
weft? Size differences between the warp and weft will work out differently.
Or weave a fine wool with silk, or a linen with rayon. And so on.
Sometimes I like the results, and sometimes I don't. But most anything will
work and be cloth. <g> I like to think there are no "rules" in weaving,
just "guidelines." Experiment and have some fun!
Anne wrote:

< Does anyone have any experience weaving huck lace where the warp is a
yarn than the weft? >>

I think that huck lace is a balanced weave, which means the warp and weft
have to be the same size.

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