Ecclesiastical Weaving

Judy Sheppard <jshepp@...>

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year, I hope everyone has a wonderful fibre filled year.

My next project is a woven altar cloth for out church's new altar. I
have ordered "Weaving for Worship" (which won't arrive for another
week or so)
Does any one have this? Will I find anything useful in it?

I have decided on a natural white cotton warp and silk weft (approx.
40/2??) Does that sound OK.

I would rather incorporate some sort of pattern – cross or other
Christian symbols.

Now for the major question – what type of pattern (I'll be weaving
on an 8 shaft floor loom)?

I was thinking maybe summer and winter, but I am not very familiar
with it, as I haven't used it since I was at college about 14 yrs

I would very much appreciate any and all suggestions, ideas and
discussion. Thanks for your help.

One other totally unrelated question. At the end of the month I will
be taking an online quilting class. I thought the idea of this was
a wonderful one, is there anything like it for weaving?

Thanks for all your help, Judy

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