Re: Friction Brakes

Bill Koepp <bgkoe@...>

The ropes are not actually wound on the brake drums, but directly on the
warp beam--it's not sectional. It has received a couple coats of
furniture oil, but that's it, and nothing recently.
I'd suspect that the oil has done it. I'd remove the ropes, wash them and
the braking area with soap & water. Try to keep any oils, waxes, grease and
silicones out of the brakes, the ropes and the area that the ropes touch. If
you wash the ropes, weight them and hang to dry.
If the oil continues to wick up to the surface you may have to put a leather
or cotton strap around the beam to act as a brake drum surface, until the
oil is subdued.
Hope this gives you some ideas !

-- Happy Shuttling ! Bill Koepp in Central California

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