Re: Re : Silicones/Friction Brakes

Holly <holly@...>

Bill writes:

<<Re the brake, did you change the ropes and possibly change direction
on how they're wound on the brake drum ?>>

I have moved a couple times (OK, actually 6 :) since first setting up
the brake system, and always check the magazine article to make sure
it's set up right. Doesn't work at all when it's wound backwards. I've
also tried winding the cord an extra time (article specified 3 wraps,
I've tried 4, there's not really room for 5 with my warp sticks) with
very little additional friction added, not enough to keep the tension

<<Have the brake drums been refinished ? >>

The ropes are not actually wound on the brake drums, but directly on the
warp beam--it's not sectional. It has received a couple coats of
furniture oil, but that's it, and nothing recently.

<<Are the ropes old and possibly have a glaze on them ?>>

I just checked. There's no visible residue or sign of wear or polish
due to useage. It's heavy cotton cord, about 6.5 mm in diameter.


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