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Kris Bruland

There is a new collection of 510 drafts at, for all
of the patterns in A Manual of Weave Construction by Ivo Kastanek.
This contains drafts for many interesting patterns including quite a
few that are color-and-weave. A digital copy of this was provided
by Ralph Griswold that I used to produce the drafts.

See for details.

There is also a new online gallery that contains photos of items
woven with drafts from the website. I put some pictures of my own
weaving there to get it started and would love to show many from
other weavers. The text displayed with gallery entries can have
links back to your own website. If you have woven something with a
draft from the, please consider sending a digital
picture of it to us for the gallery!

See for details.

All of the online material at is
available at no charge.

Kris Bruland

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