Re: warpwise cannele?

Su Butler <subu@...>

Hi Ruth.....well 'twas not me that said I had a scarf and I do not remember
who said they did, but I used to incorporate Cannele in my production
clothing line......however, to get warp-wise zig-zag stripes, which by
appearances it seemed I used, I wove the fabric with weft-wise stripes and
turned it 90 degrees to create what seemed to be a warp-wise stripe in the
finished fabric for blouses. For the coordinating skirts I sold with the
blouses, I put the stripe around the bottom of the skirt.......weft-wise,
and did not turn the fabric prior to construction.

I do know of a weaver, from way back, who would weave fabric with
strategically placed warp floats who would then stitch in the novelty yarn
in the warp direction after the fabric was off the loom and achieve the
zig-zag. It ended up looking like it was woven that way......<g>

Su Butler :-)
"I will take the awe of understanding over the awe of ignorance any day." -
Douglas Adams

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