Re: warpwise cannele?

RBlau <ruthblau@...>

Erica wrote

I am thinking of turning the drawdown [etc]
Since Laura says there's a draft in her book, there obviously is a way to do this. But a direct turning of Alderman's draft probably won't work. I did try turning this draft in a computer drafting program, and it seems to me that in the turned version, the wefts would not pull the supplementary warps into a zig zag pattern.

In the weftwise version, the pattern depends on warps threads that tie the pattern weft first in one location and then in a different location. You'd have to create this effect with weft threads in a turned version, but I don't think Alderman's draft, simply turned, would do that. Also, you'd have to weight your supp warp threads lightly enough so that the distortion can take place.

An interesting line of pursuit.


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