Re: Spider weave corrections

Sondra Rose <Sondrose@...>

When I use this link, I get to a page that has corrections only for page
100 in the Distorted Grid chapter. There is nothing for the "spider weaves."

I just tried it and I get a list of 16 corrections, but indeed I see that
the ones for spider weave are not there. Also re-checked my corrections,
which I thought I got from that link, and see that I have 22 of them
(including the spider weave ones). If anyone is interested in them let me
know, and I can try to send them to you as an attachment, though more than a
couple might tie-up your e-mail for a long time. Perhaps an e-mail to
Interweave Press would be the best route.
Sondra Rose (sondrose@...)

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