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Bill Koepp <bgkoe@...>

I think with due respect that introducing reed width into an explanation
of SS is a red herring! (Reed herring?)
Thanks Peter, you tell it very clearly. Weavers are programmed to think in
terms of sett and when I mentioned " reed " it confused some.
I was trying, in my simple way, to show the width of the weaving and its
relation to the number of shaft-switch doups that could be operated easily
by a weaver. ( a 40 " reed = 80 pattern blocks @ 1/2" width . I guess I
should have said a 40" weaving = 80 pattern blocks @ 1/2" width ?)

But there is a limit when trying to operate minute,
closely packed, levers does not save time...
I think a 1/4" lever switcher is possible, but as Peter stated, it'd be
slower to operate with normal sized fingers; perhaps two switchers could be
stacked up, but they'd have to be counterbalanced with weights and the huge
mass of doups would mesh in the 4 shafts so the shed would probably not open
as high or fast as one wanted ? Another way I thought about would be to use
an 8 shaft loom and switch shafts 1/4 and 5/8, using shafts 2&3and 6&7 as
ground. This would allow 1/2" levers yet 1/4" blocks and the doup crush
would not be bad.
How about that idea, Peter ?

My last ss device used sliding collars operating on wires 1/2" apart, on
shaft #1. This was mounted vertically and so was very close to my hand for
easy changes; the doups went up over an aluminum tube mounted on rollers.
Shaft # 2 held only a strip of wood with eyes to guide the doups down;
shafts 3&4 were the ground. It was successful but got I tired of 1/2"

Happy Shuttling ! - Bill Koepp in Central California

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