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Ingrid Boesel <ingrid@...>

Hi Elizabeth:
If I were to do my studio again aside from adding 8 ft to each dimension, I would put each track light on a separate switch, and put the pot lights on each side of the room on different switches.
I would then double the number of electrical outlets AND put them above desk height.
My desk blocks 2 sets of 4 switches so electrical strip plugs are now installed so that I don't have to move 300lb of desk to plug in something new
Other advice put the phone jacks up above desk height too.

Put dimmer switches with timers on the non track lights

And I put in a floor plug for my loom with the e-dobby but unfortunately I have since rearranged the room, so I still have extra electrical cords trailing on the floor.

I want to put a spool rack on tracks on a wall, but so far I have not been able to get that wall free of other junk. Next time.
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