Re: Gilmore tie-ups

Jim Stovall writes:

I notice that raising four shafts is quite heavy even without a
warp on it.
So the next question is whether texsolv heddles in place of the
metal would
make much difference to ease of treadling.
I am not familiar with this loom so I am in purely theoretical territory
here, but I wonder if others could comment: since this is a jack loom,
and the heddle eyes will rest below the cloth plane when at rest, won't
the warp tension tend to counteract a little of the harness weight?

Don't forget to let physics of levers work for you. Place your foot as
far forward on the treadle as you can.

just FWIW on a thread that I confess I have not been following closely -
apologies if I am off-base with these comments.

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