Re: Gilmore tie-ups


Thank you Joanne, Ruth, Anne and Judie for all your most helpful suggestions.
I will immediately order texsolv tie-ups.

I have just checked out the loom with your all you other comments in mind.
It is a 40" 8-shaft with sectional beam made in 1989. It has a folding
X-frame. The breast beam and the back beam are at the ends of the X. The
breast beam is removable by unscrewing a bolt at each end - this makes access
to the treadles and heddles much easier. To get more distance between the
back beam and the shafts would be difficult as the the back beam is part of
the structure of the loom. But maybe......

I notice that raising four shafts is quite heavy even without a warp on it.
So the next question is whether texsolv heddles in place of the metal would
make much difference to ease of treadling.

I have just woven off the narrow warp that came with the loom on four shafts.
The weaving was very easy with a very generous shed, although I had trouble
adapting to a ratchet brake. I imagine I have to wait until I have all shafts
threaded before I find out about any problems with the shed. The narrow shed
that Nancy had trouble with might be related to the short back beam-to-shaft
distance (14").

I will be warping and threading on 8 shafts- with breast beam removed- and
tying up with texsolv cords as soon as they arrive. Your comments have saved
me a lot of grief and cut the "messing around" time needed to get to this

Ruth, thank you for explaining the background to the design it provides a
good insight into its character.

Again thank you all so much for your help -

Barbara in Napa, CA

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