Re: gathering info about studios

Alcorn <alcorn@...>

What is the size of your studio
Is it part of the house structure
If it is not part of the house structure -- what type of structure is
used for the studio?
My loom room is underneath the house behind the garage. When we looked at
the house considering purchase, the house was in the framing stages.
Behind the garage it was excavated just enough to allow for the furnace and
water heater. Oh my, all that wasted foot print! We said that if they
would excavate underneath the house, behind the garage, we would buy it.
The price was OK. I do not have natural light, but one can't have
everything. The room is L shaped approximately 15' x 35'. The height is
about 10'. There is a ledge along two walls about 2.5' down that allows
for great storage. There are additional various free standing storage
units, and my sewing machine, serger, and folding cutting table. The looms
in here are the 48" 24 shaft AVL and my 49" Oxaback drawloom.

It is always the warmest room in the winter and the coolest in the summer.

Dearest #1 was the one who suggested that I move the Gilmore upstairs when
the big AVL was about to arrive. Besides the Gilmore, there is also a
small tapestry loom, and my weaving library in the family room. There is
also the kumihimo floor stand and various back strap stuff in the kitchen.


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