Re: Shaft SWitching....

Bill Koepp <bgkoe@...>

These two books show how to make shaft switching devices;

Rug Weaving Techniques, by Peter Collingwood ; ISBN 0-934026-62-9
The Techniques of Rug Weaving, by Peter Collingwood ; ISBN 0-8230-5200-1

It's a 3 end block weave using two shuttles and two colors. Instead of
using multiple shafts to make mulitiple blocks you divide the reed width
into ( for example ) 1/2 inch sections and these switch between 2 shafts.
Sooo... a 40 inch reed will deliver 80 blocks of pattern, in any combination
or design. When one shaft is down it weaves the background color, when the
other shaft is down it weaves the pattern blocks selected. The other 2
shafts weave the tie downs. Peter tells it all; it's his invention, that he
has given to the world.
( There's a LOT more than that in those texts ! )

Happy Shuttling ! - Bill Koepp in Central California

Bill, I don't have a clue about this shaft switching device you refer
to. Is there a book or some place where I can learn about it?

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