Tartan Weaver Sought

Jo Anne Ryeburn <ryeburn@...>

Ian Porteus, a fellow Greater Vancouver Weavers' and Spinners' guild member, has asked me to post the following request on this list:

>Hi. My name is Ian Porteus.
>I would like to have some mens shirts & womens kilts or some scarves
>(depending on price, delivery dates etc.) made in my family tartan
>Christmas presents. Would any of your guild members be interseted
>taking on this project? I would be happy with just the material,
>find someone else to make the items, or (preferably) have the completed
>There is no swatch available, but I do have a photo, a bitmap image
>computer, and the threadcount.
>If any of your members would be interested please have them contact
>Thank you very much.
>Ian Porteus
>(604) 525-4761
Jo Anne Ryeburn ryeburn@sfu.ca

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