#YSF Yaesu Digital - Yaesu System Fusion - training #ysf

Wayne Morris - AC5V

I am planning to organize some training on Yaesu System Fusion. Many Yaesu radios support digital voice communication. The system offers a number of advantages not available with analog FM. I have installed a repeater with YSF digital and analog capabilities and encourage people to try it out. Since many people do not know about this feature, the training will offer an opportunity to learn more about it and ask questions. You may already have the radio, you might want to know how to take advantage of the features.


My repeater is 145.25 ctcss tone is 162.2. It operates in AMS mode. This means it will repeat analog or YSF digital transmissions.


I will be talking to Jon Kruk,  N9UPC, of Yaesu about the training and he may be able to participate.


I do not have a date yet but I would like to know how much interest there is .


Please email me at this address if you would like to participate:  AC5V@...



Wayne, AC5V