#AC5V_Repeater FM vs. Digital and Wires-X #ac5v_repeater

Wayne Morris - AC5V

Hi, The repeater is working on two bands: 145.24, tone 162.2; 441.35, tone 123.0. The range on 70cm looks to be around 20 miles on my mobile. The range is farther on 2m. I was able to access it in Benbrook last week.


The repeater has both FM and Yaesu Fusion digital voice. It automatically switches based on the incoming transmission. Yaesu calls this Automatic Mode Select. If you have a Yaesu radio that supports the digital mode, you can set that radio to AMS also and it will receive any transmission from the repeater – FM or Digital. Your radio will switch to match FM or Digital. If you do NOT have a Yaesu radio, you can still use the repeater, just set your radio to FM mode which is the normal mode we use on the 147.16 WB5IDM repeater. The repeater will repeat your signal in FM and stations monitoring will hear you.


The Wires-X is a separate function of the repeater. There is a box, HRI-200, connected to the repeater and my computer. This box allows users to direct the repeater to link to a room so that you can hear anyone in the room and any transmission on the repeater will be heard by the other connections to the room. The Wires-X connection can be set for FM – anyone can use it or Digital – Yaesu Fusion Digital operation.


FM mode – When the repeater is in Wires-X mode on FM, the repeater periodically play a connect message that indicates “Not connected” or “Connected to nnnnn” where nnnnn is the room number. If you try it, AmericaLink is #21080 and a good one to try as it is popular and there are many connections to it. If the repeater is connected, all you do is call “CQ this is AC5V in Springtown, TX” substituting your call sign. You don’t have to give your location but it is a point of interest and may prompt someone to call you. You could also give your call sign and as for an audio check, radio check, etc. If you hear a QSO and want to talk to one of the parties, wait until the end of the QSO or politely give your call sign at a break. This is just like you would do on the local repeater. The QSOs sound a little more like HF QSOs because you are communicating to a station far away that you do not know. When you finish, you can disconnect from the room by sending #99999. If the repeater disconnects you will hear a Morse H (….). That is all there is to it. You can setup  a schedule with someone if you like, just have the other party find a repeater and connect to their node number at the scheduled time.


Digital mode – If you don’t see enough information in the general manual, many Yaesu radios may have a dedicated Wires-X or Advanced manual available from the internet. You can go to this LINK , select your radio and go to the Files section. The digital mode does not require any DTMF tones. Yaesu radios will have a way to connect to Wires-X on the radio. Many radios have a button, frequently a red button, with an X on it. Make sure your radio is in DW or DN mode. Then press the X key. There are variations from one radio to the next so refer to your manual. If the radio is already connected to a Wires-X room, you do not need to do anything. Just make a call in digital mode. You only need to link your radio to use the advanced features of Wires-X such as retrieving photos, local news, international news, messages, etc. Feel free to get on the repeater and experiment. That is what it is for. You can also let me know and I will be on the radio to help you through it. If I am by my computer, I will look up your radio’s manual and help you.


Wires-X let’s you start communicating all over the world with a Technician license. You may also read about a Personal Digital Node (PDN) and various Hotspots that allow you to communicate using Wires-W, D-Star, DMR, etc.


Try it out any time or let me know if you would like to do something. I will be glad to setup the repeater for you testing.

Wayne, AC5V