A Weatherford Civil Air Patrol Little L-Per Direction Finder Repair/Upgrade Request

Bob Ballard

Please note Victoria’s updated information on this subject below my signature.  I bolded the critical need text.


Thanks in advance again and 73,

Bob – KG5SQJ


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Subject: RE: A Weatherford Civil Air Patrol Little L-Per Direction Finder Repair/Upgrade Request


Hello Everyone,


I received more clarification on the squadron’s needs.  We believe we can procure the sniffer for the locator, but what we really need is someone who can build a Yagi antenna tuned to 121.5 that we can tie to the sniffer. Then the ground team can carry it when they’re searching on foot.




2d Lt Victoria Gaylord

SWR-TX-087 Weatherford Composite Squadron


U.S. Air Force Auxiliary 


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Subject: FW: A Weatherford Civil Air Patrol Little L-Per Direction Finder Repair/Upgrade Request


To: All Tri-County ARC, Kilocycle ARC and ARC of Parker County club members.


Please note Victoria Gaylord’s email message below my signature.

Please contact Victoria directly (her email is above in the Cc… box) if you can provide radio repair assistance and/or advice on the subject of repairing the Weatherford Civil Air Patrol’s Little L-per direction finder and/or expanding the CAP’s ability to track the 406 MHz ELT’s mentioned below.

Here is a link to the Little L-Per Direction Finder’s Operating and Maintenance Manual -

Here is a link to a PowerPoint presentation describing how the Little L-Per Direction Finder is used -


Hopefully, amongst all of you experienced Hams, we have someone with the capabilities to repair and/or upgrade this important device for the Weatherford Civil Air Patrol.


Thanks in advance for your assistance.



Bob Ballard – KG5SQJ


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Subject: Need Ham Help


Hi Bob,


Thank you again for the information to continue my studies for the ham radio license.  I do look forward to pursuing that.


I also wanted to reach out to you and the Ham Radio community for help.  I am part of the Civil Air Patrol in Weatherford, and we are in desperate need of a replacement for our Little L-per direction finder.  We use it to locate ELTs on the 121.5 frequency when planes go missing. Our equipment is very, very old, and it cannot be purchased anymore.  Furthermore, we need to expand to the 406 frquency for the newer ELTs. We found new units on the market sold to government agencies, but they are very expensive.  


I recall that some of you are very talented when it comes to building your own radios and antennas, and I was wondering if any of you had the skillset to duplicate this technology?  (Our current L-per was basically a home built device.)  Or, perhaps your network knows where we might acquire  a good used one (or two) that won't break our savings.


Thanks in advance!