FW: Ham stuff for sale

Wayne Morris - AC5V

The tuner is anMFJ-941E – Price $100.


From: Wayne Morris <waynemia@...>
Sent: Tuesday, July 28, 2020 9:39 AM
To: '' <>
Subject: Ham stuff for sale


If interested in any of the following, please email me direct at ac5v@...


  1. Like new Palstar AT-500 antenna tuner for sale $400. They are $489 new at HRO. There is nothing wrong with it and it works well. I am making changes to my station and need to upgrade to the Palstar AT-2KD tuner.
  2. MFJ-949E tuner $125. I have two of these. New price is $199. I have one for portable operations like Field Day. I do not need the other. I received both of them direct from MFJ.
  3. New RG-213 Coax. $1.25/ft for less than 25’ or $1.00/ft for 25’ or more. I will cut this to length. The table below is for comparison only.
  4. GW Instek 100MHz, dual trace, digital oscilloscope, used, $100. Two probes included.
  5. Baofeng handheld radio and accessories, $5. Model UV-82 I think. Works.
  6. Diamond (Original) SRJ77CA 144/440 MHz, $20. Fits most Baofeng handheld radios.

Wayne, AC5V