#ElmerNet ARRL Handbook 2020 - Six Volume Set #technet

Wayne Morris - AC5V

I just received the ARRL Handbook 2020 - Six Volume Set today (Sunday). This is a great change to the old single volume handbook. The volumes are much easier to carry about while you read. You don’t have the daunting huge book to lug around. You can pick a volume of interest, read it, then go on to something else. It is also nice that you can then download the eBook with the one-time use code that comes with it. This gives you the electronic version that is searchable for a quicker search for specific items.


One of my HAM goals for this year it to read the complete handbook. I did this years ago when preparing from my licenses but a lot of water has passed under the bridge since.


Anyway, I  thought I would mention it. It was less expensive to purchase it on Amazon.

Wayne, AC5V