2020 Wise County Antique Auto Club - parking fund raiser for TCARC.

Mike Burns, KE5NCS

Hi All.

The 2020 TCARC parking fund raiser at the Wise County Fairgrounds is over.  Our volunteers parked about 1.200 cars and trailers Thursday through Sunday.

The volunteers at the parking event were:  Mike Heusser, Daryl Pate, Bob Ballard, Jay Cox, Brian Richman, Wayne and Donna Morris, Tommy Latham, Tommy Weeks (new ham from Azle) and myself.  The volunteers worked very hard.  We were short 5 folks on Saturday.  Next year we will need more volunteers on Friday and Saturday.

Anyway, a big thanks goes out to these volunteers.

Hope I did not miss anyone.

Mike Burns  KE5NCS


Richard Marx

Sorry that Hope and I were not there to help.  I know it is very frustrating when there are not enough bodies on the ground to handle the traffic.  Maybe need to evaluate next year sharing the spoils with a less fortunate or new club and get their people volunteering too.  (just a thought)
Thanks to all the club members that worked extra hard for the club benefit.
Richard and Hope Marx