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Wayne Morris - AC5V

Hi everyone,


It has been about a year since the Technet started. We started on Wednesday night as that was the most convenient for me and then moved to Tuesday to hopefully increase participation.


The Net has provided information on basic electronics, a complete coverage of all the questions in the technician pool and now is progressing through the General License manual. We have also explored technology like APRS and Group IDs with on-the-air experiments.


We have a core of people that check-in regularly but we do not have a big crowd most evenings. It is tough sometimes because it is difficult to get feedback on the benefit of the sessions to others.


Moving forward, I would like to rename this an ElmerNet. The Elmer is what we called the hams that helped bring new (Novice) hams into the hobby and helped them along. This was the original intent of the net: provide a forum for getting answers to everyday questions about ham radio. There are a lot of things that are not thoroughly understood when studying for the license exams. The net provides an opportunity to ask questions without feeling like you are imposing on anyone.


It would be great to see the net activity grow this next year. I think changing the name will help better reflect the purpose of the net and, perhaps, be more inviting to people that could be put off by the name.


I would also like to ask members that belong to other clubs to pass along information about the net and its purpose. I try to share this with the classes I work with in the area also. I also invite anyone to come and share your knowledge and experiences with people on the net. If you have a presentation that would work on the net, you can send out the handouts or slides and then use the air time to cover the material. This is an open invitation to any hams in the area for information on any ham/electronics related subject.


I appreciate the people that check in regularly and assist with the net. Mike Burns, KE5NCS, has been especially helpful providing expertise and backup net control assistance.


As always, the net is an open forum and any input, ideas, and contributions are welcome.


Wayne, AC5V

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