True Blue mini-Ginnis


I cannot help being reminded of this term I learned about a while back: TBmG(True Blue mini-Ginnis). I watched the replay of the Jim Cramer interview of Ginni Rometty on his Mad Money show a couple of days ago. Behind them was a room filled with TBmGs. Of course Ginni did not call them that. She called them "New Collar Skills of the Future."


She also said "50% of IBM is millennials that are here."


She further explained: "So you change the design thinking, you-- put them on ag...ile, which is co-location. Change the tools. Multidisciplinary. Minimum viable products. Small teams. And then you give them contemporary tools, co-location. So that's what you're seeing here. And, boy, we've been at that. We've done this to workspaces in 300 places around the world."


Her final words of wisdom: "This IBM will change the world one more time."


Disclaimer: I am not a millennial nor a New Collar Skill nor a TBmG.

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