Tax Levy For IBM’s Decade of Employee Offshoring?


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“I am asking that this message get posted anonymously in as many forums as possible. I have read this morning that Donald Trump plans to impose a 35 percent tax on companies that cut American jobs and then relocate these jobs in other countries. Trump has been critical of IBM for laying off 500 workers in Minneapolis and moving their jobs to India and other countries. Trump may not be aware that IBM has been doing this for over a decade. I know many people who were laid off with a severance package that required them to first train replacements from India how to do their job. I have read that this approach was used in hundreds of cases in many US locations. Many people have stated this in the IBM Yahoo groups for many years. What about all of these past firings? Will there be some tax levied against IBM or some payment to the fired employees for this practice used over the last decade? I hope so…”

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