ESP32 DAC #esp32

Nick Clark

While I've been waiting for all my parts to arrive... I've been playing around and looking through docs and ESP32 specifications more. During this time, the board changed, and I couldn't put together a brand new MorseTutor without the latest board :D Amazingly, JLCPCB has been very fast and cheap, and now I have 5 Rev1 and 5 Rev2's :p  (All the parts are yet to arrive :( ) But now, as I look closer at the schematics, I'm wondering if an opportunity hasn't been missed in the current design. I'm noticing that the speaker is driven from a normal GPIO port with PWM. The ESP32 has 2 DAC's on it. But they are only on ports 25 and 26. Wouldn't using the on-board DAC make for a better sounding tone? If so, we up for a rev 3 :P