Binary for STM32 Blue Pill #stm32



The STM32F103C8T6 'Blue Pill' may be programmed with an ST-LINK V2 dongle using the st-flash utility, available from

The binary is available from

Command line (on a Linux system):
$ st-flash write filename.bin 0x8000000

The stlink utilities are much easier to install than the STM32 tool chain.
It is a binary blob, so the source code cannot be edited with your callsign.

However, there is a feature in Config > Callsign which allows you to enter your callsign with your key. Once that is done, your callsign will appear on the Splash Screen, and will be used in Receive > QSO.

Ken, KM4NFQ "Not Fully Qualified"

Mark Hatch

I also found the St-link to be the simplest way to program the blue pill. Could not get the usb way to work on all blue-pills. And the serial adapter works,  but the first one was bad (or I blew it up). 


Karl Jan Skontorp

You can also use the ST-Link direct from the Arduino IDE, just choose the correct programmer in the Tools menu! :-)
Karl Jan - LA3FY

John Bahun

For some reason (as yet I have not figured out why) the Blue Pill (STM32) sometimes is very obstinate when Downloading the binary from the Arduino IDE.

I have loaded the ST Micro tools. I use the ST tool to download the binary that is output by the IDE.

I never had enough time to troubleshoot the issue. If you have trouble getting the binary downloaded, let me know and I can post the exact procedures to get the binary downloaded.

73 - John - N6API

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