Re: Annotated pcb for Pocket Tutor


Hello Ken W*2ART,

That looks very helpful Ken.
Thanks for making it.

I have never worked with an SMD speaker before. How does it sound?

Also, since you are one of the first ones to complete a PocketTutor,
about how much did it cost you, total, including the PCBs? I usually
order at least ten of each component to get a small discount on each
part. I usually order from Mouser Electronics. Also, I would imagine
that you already had some common resistors and capacitors in your junk
box. So a ballpark estimate would be fine, if you please. It is always
helpful to hear from early adopters. 8^D

Ken, KM4NFQ "Not Fully Qualified"

On Sat, Aug 8, 2020 at 2:30 PM Ken Kaplan <wb2art@...> wrote:

When I built the Pocket Tutor, I had never worked with mcu's, audio chips and speakers.
So I have attached an annotated pcb just to assist if your confused on part orientation, like I was.

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