Re: New software to the Old Tutor

Bruce Hall

A slow screen update is often from using a wrong library.   For example, if you compile using the "official" STM32 board package, the display is about 10x slower than if you use Roger Clark's code.  I use the package URL to load Roger's code.

I will double-check my uploaded .bin files to make sure they are correct.


On Thu, Jul 23, 2020 at 11:24 AM John Kristiansen <john.k@...> wrote:

Hello Bruce


Now I have picked up your new software for the ’old’ tutor.

And it’s seems to Work fine. I can change colours and preselect the wanted exercise . Very nice.

But I find that the screen update is to slow! An examble. In ’Copy Two’, the scrolling freq. is so low, that I have to wait quite a while before the next cw/text is shown. Have I forgotten anything? I have tried to find a proper delay in your program that I can change, but without luck 😉

Can you help, please?


BR OZ1QZ / John





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