Re: How do you breadboard your Arduino projects, here is how I currently do mine.


Hello Bob GM4CID,

I appreciate your effort to try and stimulate some discussion.

I think that the lack of an actual "KIT" for the W8BH Morse Tutor
might be part of the reason for the lack of discussion?

However, the lack of an actual W8BH Morse Tutor Kit gives everyone an
opportunity to kit the project in their local area, according to their
local needs. Some areas might have ten people, and other areas might
have fifty?

Instead of getting an 'extra' PCB from someone who has purchased a set
of five boards, each person here might order a set of five boards, and
build a couple of units to show to their local Amateur Radio Club or

There is the opportunity to be an 'Elmer' and to share a project that
has the possibility to allow beginners to:
(1) learn how to solder,
(2) how to use the Arduino IDE, and
(3) learn CW.

I don't know about the UK, but here in the USA, the requirements for
CW have been totally abolished. As the current population of CW
Operators become Silent Keys, there are not enough replacements to
further the practice of CW. It will slowly become a thing of the past,
as fewer and fewer people practice the discipline.

So I encourage everyone to order some PCBs, build a couple of W8BH
Morse Tutors, and try to drum up some interest for CW in their local
area. The potential for exciting some interest in homebrewing and CW
is there. It just requires some 'Elmers' to get the ball rolling.

Young people are the future of Amateur Radio. That includes the
'young-at-heart' as well as the actual youth. The QRP Labs 'QCX' 5W CW
Transceiver was designed for the Youngers On The Air (YOTA) summer
camp in 2017. So if a local group can be stimulated to build a Morse
Tutor, and learn CW, then the next step would be to lead that group in
the building of a QCX, or maybe a W8DIZ 5-Watter CW Transceiver.

Yeah, it takes some time and effort on the part of the person who
decides to be an 'Elmer'. But the 'self-isolation' period for the
COVID-19 virus won't last forever. Now is the time to 'kit' a W8BH
Morse Tutor. When groups can once again get together, working units
can be shared with others.

This group was started to discuss using the W8BH Morse Tutor, help
troubleshooting builds, and sharing the joys of learning CW.


On Fri, Mar 27, 2020 at 1:51 PM GM4CID <gm4cid@...> wrote:

Hi Ken, hope you are coping with current personal restrictions.

Well I with this approach I can get a new concept up and running quite quickly with a known starting point and fewer problems from jumper wires falling off.
This morning I received an AD9833 DDS board and about 1/2 an hour later had controlled rf output and lcd display.

Group seems a bit quiet do thought I would see if we could stimulate some responses.

73, Bob GM4CID

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