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This is a discussion for everything about the W8BH Morse Tutor and other projects by Bruce Hall at http://w8bh.net/ including source code, tutorials, builder's guide, user's guide, and PCBs, for all versions, including the STM32 'Blue Pill', the ESP32-WROOM-32, and the Mega2560. GitHub has the latest firmware updates: https://github.com/bhall66/morse-tutor

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  • #esp32 ESP32-WROOM-32 11 topics
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  • #stm32 STM32F103C8T6 'Blue Pill' 4 topics
  • #resource Morse Code Resource 3 topics
  • #keys Keys and Paddles 3 topics
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  • #prototype Breadboards, and other prototyping boards 2 topics
  • #tutorial Tutorial 1 topics
  • #mega2560 Mega 2560 1 topics

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