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Darrell Carothers

I have my VE also if needed.

Darrell Carothers 

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Here is everyone's formal invite to W5SH's Field Day event at Hicks Airfield...264 Aviator Dr, Fort Worth, June 27th 2020.

Society has changed for a number of reasons, to that end, we must have rules for field day to make it enjoyable for all.


  1. You are driving on an active taxiway, aircraft have the right of way. Obey all signage.
  2. If you cause interference with aviation frequencies, cease operation immediately.  You are operating from an active airport. (This is a Private airfield with NO TOWER operations)
  3. At no time should you drive on the grass to the west of the Taxiway.  This infield has lights and other navigational aids and can pose a danger to you and aircraft.
  4. No one will be allowed to attend without signing a waiver.  See attached or we will have them available on site.
  5. Due to governor's orders, PPE is suggested, use is your choice. see rule 4
  6. Hand sanitizer is recommended
  7. Restroom is graciously provided by our host, good aim is appreciated.
  8. There are NO facilities for campers or trailers 
  9. Parking will be pull in on the grass south of the Hangar
  10. Coax and antennas are going to populate the south area, No Driving into the field to set up
  11. The North west area (beyond the 3 hangars) has a septic and leach field so NO Driving in that area
  12. It is likely an antenna or 2 will be in the north east area and space will be allocated for the golf cart so No Driving or Parking north of the operational Hangar
  13. Radio Bands will be declared and operation will be managed by assignment.   Please bring your radio and antenna but realize that with 6 Bands there will be times where operation will not be permitted
  14. If you operate, you will be required to create an ADIF log file that can be uploaded to the club consolidates log
  15. All radio’s in the operation area will be on alternate (battery) power
  16. All operators will be limited to operate below 120 watts
  17. Antenna placement will be coordinated 
  18. Drop off parking will be permitted in front of the hangar, but vehicles must be moved to the grass quickly.
  19. Antenna set up ‘can occur’ Friday afternoon as specified in the ARRL rules
  20. Sleeping will be accommodated in the loft Friday and Saturday night.  Fans are recommended, it is not air conditioned but typically remains at ambient air temperature due to the insulation.
  21. If you do not have a radio, may operators, at their choice may ask you if you want to operate their gear, please respect this and be mindful of rule 1
  22. No smoking in the hangar or hangar area
  23. All grills, smokers and cooking will be north of the hangar, this will prevent smoke from overcoming the hanger
  24. Coolers are recommended and suggested.  There is not a fridge at the hangar so bring loads of ice.
  25. Lunch and Dinner are being planned for Saturday.   Please notify the committee if you have dietary restrictions.  The diner (approx. ½ mile away) has limited hours on weekends
  26. We had planned some educational events, in light of the change, we will attempt to accommodate your education needs.  There are at least 2 Elmers attending, and an old curmudgeon.  Provide ideas before field day so we have tools to demonstrate or educate your needs.
  27. VEs will be available for anyone wanting to get his/her license or upgrade to Extra (KF5LKG...Hint...Hint)



Current Radios

AE5YP   Digital modes end fed random (kinda random 200+ feet)

W5RSG Digital mode G5RV and END Fed ½ wave


KF5RHI   Phone/Digital Buddy Pole


N2DPF KG5YWK Phone Dipole


If you are bringing a radio and antenna please let us know...

Come out and have a good time and be safe!

Richard S.

KF5RHI, VP KiloCycle ARC

Field Day Committee

<Waiver of Liability Field Day 2020.docx>

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