FYI - MS Excel Radio Output Minus Coax and VSWR Losses Plus Antenna Gain = ERP Calculator

Bob Ballard

FYI – Attached above is an Excel worksheet I built to help determine the Effective Radiated Power (ERP) resulting from various Coax, VSWR and antenna Gain combinations.


User Caution - The attached file is a free Microsoft Excel based worksheet which I do not declare to be accurate nor safe to use in any way for any purpose.  Use it at your own risk as I am not (nor are the individuals listed below) responsible for any product or property damage, physical injuries nor any other consequences or outcomes resulting from the use of the attached Excel worksheet.


My thanks go to Mike Heusser (KL7SG) and Wayne Morris (KB5UQ) for their voluntary assistance that helped me improve my original calculator by adding the capability to input VSWR settings and produce the display of the resulting losses.



Bob – KG5SQJ 


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