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Steve McDermott

I have enjoyed doing business with Ray and the young lady that answers the phone. Many of my cables are MPD. KF5RVR

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FYI - Note Ray Nelson’s email response to me below.  I bought a 130 foot Times Microwave Systems LMR-600 coax cable for only $201.20 + $19 shipping today.  I bought this cable to hook up a dual band 2M/70CM antenna at home.  Anyway, MPD DIGITAL USA Coax has their Times Microwave Systems LMR-600 super low-loss coax cable on sale for only $1.24 per foot!!!!  This is an unbelievably low price on this extremely low-loss coax!  

Even though LMR-400 is considered “low-loss" coax, the low-loss feature primarily applies to the HF bands.  However, on the UHF 70 CM band (440 MHz), my 100 foot LMR-400 Ultraflex cable loses 3.2 dB for every 100 feet of cable (that's the cable I used on Field Day).  In other words my LMR-400 Ultraflex cable would lose more than 1/2 of the power my radio produces on the UHF 70CM band so my antenna would receive less than 50% of my radio’s power output! 

Times Microwave Systems LMR-600 (not Ultraflex) loses only 1.7 dB per 100 feet at 440 MHz (roughly half of what the LMR-400 Ultraflex loses on UHF).

Anyway, if you have a need for some coax, this is a great price IMHO.  MPD Digital USA Coax does not have the LMR-600 cable listed on their website so you will need to call them on the phone to order it (229-496-9384).

And no, I don’t get a discount nor kick-back if you buy some of this.  However, I told Ray I would forward this information to all three of my ARC’s so feel free to tell them I sent you.

Bob - KG5SQJ

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Not only do we have LMR-600, we have it on sale :)  I've been too lazy to build it into the website.  I need to do that...

Our LMR-600 can be buried and will work just fine that way for up to 20 years.  We can offer the cable for $1.24 per foot and install the N males for $8 each.  We don't have Right Angle N males in stock for 600, they are $32 each and I can order one for you or I can use a R/A adapter for $7.50. 

Just let me know and I can either send a paypal invoice or you can call and place your order.  If you like follow us on twitter @mpddigital and you can find all the sales as we release them.



Raymond D. Nelson Jr.
General Manager
MPD Digital USA Coax

On 8/28/2018 9:08 PM, Bob Ballard wrote:
From: Bob Ballard <bobnmarji@...>
Subject: Need A Source For Buryable LMR-600 Coax Cable

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I have purchased coax cables several times from you guys and I have been very happy with your products.  I am in the process of setting up a 2M/70CM Dual Band antenna.  I need about a 125 foot LMR-600 cable to connect this antenna to my radio in order to minimize the attenuation loss on the 70CM band (440 MHz).  I need a straight Male-N connector on one end and a 90 degree right Angle-N connector on the other end.  I also need to be able to bury this cable in the ground so it needs be buryable.

I don't see any LMR-600 available on your website so I assume you do not stock it because not many folks buy it.

I trust your advice so can you please recommend a decently priced dealer where I can buy the LMR-600 buryable coax cable I need?

Thanks and 73,
Bob - KG5SQJ

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