WiringForDCC Transfer


To The Members of the WiringForDCC@....

The Transfer request to move this group to has been received and accepted.

Shortly the transfer will take place. When the transfer is completed you will receive an email that you are a member of the new group.

The new group name is: Allan Gartner's Wiring for DCC Question and Answer Forum.

Please hold off joining the new group or posting a message of any kind until after the transfer takes place.

Joining early will revert your current status back to that of a new member. The transfer process does not transfer anyone who is already a member of the new group and that includes the date you joined the group.

Posting a message during the transfer period might cause a loss in information.

We appreciate your membership and hope that you will find the new group as interesting and informative as you have found this list at Yahoo Groups.


Wiring For DCC Management.

Hayden_B <nosyned@...>

There could no doubt be some teething problems in setting up the new group, however perseverance and understanding by all will get everyone back into the groove.

Thanks to the owners / moderators for their work in setting this up and administering it. I'm sure this will be a better experience for all members.





Hayden, I couldn’t have said it better!  I’d like to publicly thank Al Silverstein who has been doing most of the work to see this transfer through.  He has prior experience moving other groups and has definitely made this go faster and smoother than had I done it alone.


The old Yahoo! group is frozen.  Start using the new group.  Hang in there if there are any hick-ups or delays.  I’m confident that this will be working smoothly very soon.


Welcome everyone to and the Wiring For DCC Q&A Forum!


Allan Gartner