Wiring a Turntable for DCC


I asked this on another topic posting earlier but am still having problems. I am using NCE as my system and have a dual frog juicer connected to my bridge track. My trains will run onto and off the turntable when the power wires from the bus are one way and when I reverse them the trains will not run on or off the turntable - this seems to indicate that the AR is not working properly. Does anyone have any suggestion? The turntable ring is powered and I do have an NCC CP6 circuit protector wired in to my booster.

Dan Atkinson



I believe that dual Frog Juicer has a jumper that you need to put in place that gets the two halves of the dual Frog Juicer to work together.  I know the hex Juicers are like that.  You need the jumper installed.

All Frog Juicers have an red/green LED to give you an indication of polarity.  If these aren't changing when the loco goes onto the bridge, it isn't working.  


it goes without saying, but the turntable table bridge needs to be connected to the two outputs of the Frog Juicers.  (This mistake has been made many times.)

Allan Gartner
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